Minotaurs are commonly seen as a barbaric race and not well thought of by the more civilized nations that inhabit the mainland. The Church on the mainland has denounced their religion as heresy and forbidden its practice on the mainland. However, the minotaurs have come to an uneasy truce with the other countries and live in an isolated community on the island of Minos.

In battle, minotaurs are known as fierce fighters, males and females alike charging at their opponents and ripping them apart with their horns and massive melee weapons. Veterans tell stories about the minotaurs’ berserker rage in battle, turning their eyes red with blood and letting them fight long after a normal person would have fallen.

Not much is known of minotaurs by the outside world, although the city of Gateway on the coast of the island has become a popular stopping-off point on the way to Verath, so the other races are beginning to come into contact with them. Minotaur art is known for its labyrinthine designs, which are also incorporated into their architecture.

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