Gnomes are a race closely tied with the Dwarves, actually considering them a brother race. Politically, the gnomes and the dwarves have a governing body composed of both that advises the communities for the good of the whole. It does not have that much real power, but the rulers know that refusing to follow its suggestions is effectively political suicide.

Like the Dwarves, gnomes have an innate connection with the earth, though they prefer to live on top of it. Most Gnomes are farmers or traders and are very clever, often using miniaturized devices to improve their lives and make their jobs easier. Some gnomes go overboard and become crazy tinkerers, although those are the minority and are considered to be relatively dangerous to all around them because of the high chance of explosions.

In appearance, Gnomes are short, stocky figures with wrinkled, nut brown skin and a penchant for long beards, although they tend to sprout in more or less random directions, as opposed to the Dwarves’ carefully combed and braided facial hair. The Spark is common in Gnomes, often manifesting itself as a talent for enchantments.

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