Dwarves are practical and pragmatic. A solid, sturdy race who live under the mountains and mine for ores and stone. Dwarves rarely leave their homes, but have a deal with the Gnomes, who they see as a brother race, to trade their ores all over the world.

Dwarves are very fond of Mechanics, using giant tunnel drillers and explosive charges regularly in mining operations. Dwarven technology is solid and powerful as a result, meant for reliably tunneling through hard stone and resisting breakdowns for as long as possible. Dwarves are the only race to use Firearms extensively in war, as they have massive access to the materials for making the weapons, in addition to the fact that the arcing path of bows that makes large-scale volleys on the surface very viable doesn’t actually work in the tunnels, which have relatively low ceilings and have a tendency to make frequent turns. For this reason, dwarves make extensive use of shotguns and steam-powered melee weapons developed from mining equipment for close-in fighting.

Dwarves are also one of the more militant races, and are organized, not by family ties, but by Companies. There are several different Companies depending on what the dwarf chooses as a life path, and advancement in them is based almost solely off of individual merit. The greatest punishment a dwarf can be given is exile, when the dwarf is stripped of his or her name and company standing and sent out of the community.

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