In 494 NC, a group of mages from the Nox Arcanum scried a large continent across the Soldon Ocean while attempting to make a map of the world. They named the new land Verath and before long, the nations were rushing to make as large a stake as they could. The Church poured backing into the project, supplying the nations with workers and healers.

Before long, all the nations had established a stake in the new world that they had found, from the human settlements up and down the coast to the elven communities stretching back into the forest. Even the Dwarves got in on the race, trundling across the sea in heavy barrel boats to establish a hold on the many rich mountains.

The new nation is not uninhabited, however. Goliaths inhabit the mountains, as strong and proud as their peaks themselves. Eladrin haunt the forests, as silent and mysterious as ghosts in the shadows of the trees. Lycanthropes oppose the new arrivals constantly, leading raids with their bestial companions by the light of the moon. In response, many outposts of the ‘civilized’ races have declared war, raiding and killing in their turn. Savage acts are being undertaken on all sides, and though some brave individuals have made inroads on peace, a breakdown seems inevitable.

The land of Verath is not a soft land and it is not a tame land. It is a wild land, steeped in struggle. As you walk this land, you may uncover some of the secrets buried in its past, but one thing is certain. Your choices will determine the course of its future.

Note: Campaign has been delayed to Spring at earliest. I’ll continue with updates, but more slowly as there isn’t much of a time crunch anymore.

Colonization of Verath